Congratulations On The Success Of 119th Canton Fair

119th Canton Fair, a regional  event of international trade which is famous for its large scale and high volume of business kicked off in a heated atmosphere. For years it has been an       important bridge for the communication between Kisen and the clients.


It has been reported that Kisen is scheduled to head for Canton Fair(also called as China Import and Export Fair). It is reported that the Canton Fair will be visited by over thousands  of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world, Asia, Africa, Europe and America included. Kisen displayed its latest achievements: hydraulic hose series on No.8.1L16.


On the Canton Fair, the Company has taken great pains to create a good effect no matter in the size of booth, arrangement of booth, the products to be shown or the service offered at the show area. Walking into the show area of Kisen, what came into sight first was the fantastic structure of the booth, which catch a lot of eyes from the visitors. Most of the time, at     the tables was full of visitors while clients kept coming outside the booth.


These years, Kisen has put a lot of investment into the research, development and production of Rubber products, which ads made a lot of achievements. Hydraulic hose, conveyor      belt, traffic facilities produced by Kisen were reasonable in price, which can be said to be the most competitive in the world; meanwhile, the quality is fantastic, reflecting the great        power of Kisen to complete with large factories both at home and abroad.


Congratulations On The Success Of 119th Canton Fair
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