Continued To Usher In The Agricultural Machinery

In the second half of 2015 we are optimistic about the three major investment main line: demand revaluation (high-end new growth, strategic new demand), technical progress (Industrial 4, Robotics), institutional change (state owned enterprises, low altitude).

Robot and automation: this week, the development and Reform Commission said it should innovate the use of the central fund, consider the use of industrial funds, expand international cooperation and other ways to support the development of the robot industry. Increase the healthy development of good industry financing channels, central fund support will promote the machine substitutions accelerated. Optimistic about the long-term prospects for the development of the industry.

Agricultural machinery: this week, the Ministry of agriculture to consider the development of the main agricultural mechanization to promote the operation of the opinions, stressed the need to continuously improve the level of agricultural mechanization, the industry continued to usher in policy dividends. The development of agriculture is the two key direction is mechanization and “Internet plus”, improve the efficiency of agricultural production, trade, circulation industry is represent the general trend.

Energy saving and environmental protection equipment: this week, the national climate strategy center said that China will start in 2016 to start the country’s carbon emissions trading market. Current carbon emissions trading pilot in the 7 provinces, the future will be fully market-oriented means to complete the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Mechanical Engineering: engineering machinery enterprise revenue decline narrowed, the transformation and the “going out” is a new direction for the traditional leader, high-end segments of the benefit from rising labor costs, the rapid growth in demand, recommend Zhejiang Dingli, Zoomlion.

Rail delivery equipment: this week, academician He Huawu said China’s high-speed rail will be more convenient, more secure, reliable, more intelligent, efficient, low carbon environmental protection, more sustainable development in five directions. With the railway tender single finalized, the next three years the industry investment will rise.

General aviation: since the beginning of the airport facilities construction process to accelerate the process of showing signs of relevant policies to save, the industry is expected to accelerate the development. Ground equipment providers will be the first to benefit..

Energy marine equipment: from the Ministry of Industry issued a sea of white list of notification, will adjust the optimization of marine equipment industry productivity layout, to promote the industry mergers and acquisitions.

Macro and industry news (1) 1-6 months of Industrial Enterprises above the scale slightly lower profits; (2) in July China’s manufacturing PMI was 50%; (3) Ministry of industry in 2015 issued a key project guide to upgrade industrial transformation and upgrading.

Continued To Usher In The Agricultural Machinery
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