Hose Business Grows For CRP Industries

CRP Industries Inc. is poised to make inroads on both sides of its industrial hose business, with continuing growth expected for its specialty business, and a new ultra high pressure hose to be added to its thermoplastic offerings.

Its specialty rubber hoses are supplied by Padua, Italy-based Tubigomma Deregibus s.r.l., which does business as Tudertechnica. CRP has been marketing the Tudertechnica lines in North America since 2010 as the Italian firm—led by Andreas Deregibus, chief operating officer and co-owner—wanted to break into the market.

Tudertechnica fits in well with Cranbury, N.J.-based CRP because it produces high quality, specialty hose lines and generally introduces new products each year, said Guy Renshaw, CRP vice president for industrial.

He said CRP has been able to find a place in the North American market, though sales haven’t necessarily grown as quickly as originally predicted. “I won’t say it’s been easy because you’re carving out a niche area, but food and beverage is definitely our strongest area of application,” Renshaw said during the recent NAHAD convention in Miami Beach, Fla. “Second would be silicone, and third is chemical hoses.”

Five years into the partnership, Renshaw said it took time for both sides to get accustomed to working with each other. “It was a new effort for CRP,” he said. “I thought the first couple of years we would take off with this thing, but there’s just too much competition on the hose side. You really have to provide a value. We’re happy with the progress. It’s not as much as we thought it would be, but we’re certainly happy with it and are ready to move to the next level.”

While not revealing what sales level the Tudertechnica lines have achieved in North America, he said after a tough year in 2013, sales grew 25 percent in 2014.

Renshaw cited two reasons why it has taken longer than expected for the Italian-made hose products to gain traction here.


Hose Business Grows For CRP Industries
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