Q: Why Kisen?

G: Professional manufacturer of hydraulic hoses, conveyor belts , traffic facilities and pump machines, electric motors

G: One-stop service makes you convenient and comfortable for your multi-demand on different products at good prices.

G: Stringent test before shipping

G: Considerable before-and after-sales service


Q: How can I contact someone about Kisen products?

A: You can leave a message , contact us by the e-mail , phone call , WhatsApp , Skype , Facebook,  WeChat , BBM as per your convenience.


Q: Is single wire braid really worse than double wire braid?

A: Many users are often confused by this problem. As a result of high tensile steel wire, single wire braid hydraulic hose is workable to support specified working pressure. For this         reason , it is unnecessary to employ double wire braid hose. However, when the working environments are abrasive and corrosive, two braided hydraulic hose is a better alternative.     The extra braid protects interior rubber and greatly extends hose service life.


Q: What is the difference between spiral wire and braid wire?

A: Wire reinforcement of hydraulic hose have two main types – braided and spiral. Medium or high pressure hoses usually features single-and double-wire braided construction. Wire   braided hoses are usually applied to heavy-duty trucks, construction equipment. Its main advantage is great flexibility. Spiral wire hoses –four or six, provide super high pressure, excell-ent k-ick resistance and high abrasion resistance. These hoses are used in more powerful equipment and earth movers.


Q: My delivery hasn’t arrived.what can i do?

A: All claims for loss or non-delivery must be advised in writing within 7 days of the advised dispatch date. Please submit claims without delay.


Q: Who do I contact to become a distributor?

A: You can either leave a message and your contact or just click the contact section to reach us and discuss further.


Q: What quality standards does Kisen comply with?

A: Kisen  meets most international recognized quality standards. Please visit the qc section of the website to view details on the quality and testing of fittings and hose.


Q: I can’t find  the product I am looking for where do I go to find it?

A: Our website was developed to cover as much of our product line as possible. As our products evolve, we try to show the most up-to-date information.  Please go to the “Contact    Us” page for your region and call or email us if you do not see what you need.

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